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The BBC reports on arrests in a credit card theft ring

The US authorities have charged 11 people in connection with the theft of credit-card details in the country’s largest-ever identity theft case.

They are accused of stealing more than 40m credit and debit card numbers before selling the information.

Three of those charged are US citizens. The others come from Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and China.

The 11 suspects are alleged to have illegally obtained card numbers, account information and password details by driving around neighbourhoods and hacking into wireless equipment.

The accused targeted at least nine retail chains, prosecutors allege.

Those affected were TJX Corporation – which operates the TJ Maxx chain of shops – BJ’s Wholesale Club, Barnes and Noble, Sports Authority, Boston Market, Office Max, Dave and Busters, DSW shoe stores and Forever 21.

This is what happens when you tell communists about capitalism. My possible identity theft exposure was due to one of the many government employees who can’t seem to keep track of their laptops.