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2009 April 03 — Why Now?
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Tragedy In The Southern Tier

CNN reports that At least 12 dead in upstate New York shootings

(CNN) — At least one gunman began shooting Friday in an immigration services building in Binghamton, New York, killing at least 12 people, Gov. David Paterson said.

A gunman is among the dead, law enforcement officials said.

A law enforcement source said more than a dozen were wounded.

Two people were seen being led from the building in plastic handcuffs, WBNG reported. It was not immediately known whether the two were under arrest.

The shootings began around 10:30 a.m. ET at the American Civic Association, which helps immigrants and refugees, the source said.

Binghamton is the largest city in the Southern Tier of New York and is just north of the Pennsylvania border. It is the junction for many of the major highways in the state as well as the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers which were part of the Eire Canal system prior to the railroads being built. It is not a hot bed of much of anything.

The wording is a bit odd because there were probably several people in that building with guns besides the attacker. It would be normal for there to be private security, if not regular police in the area. I am guessing that the people brought out in handcuffs were probably carrying weapons, and would be detained until everything was sorted out.

Given the circumstances I wonder if Lou Dobbs, Machelle Malkin, and the rest of the immigrant bashers will take credit for this.

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I Have To Live Here

This is the headline from the Local Puppy Trainer: Vandal corrects spelling on anti-Obama sign.

There were a few papers I’ve had returned with red marks on then, but somehow I never thought of correction as criminal mischief, nor assigned the act to the same level of destruction as the sacking of Rome, but then, as a Prussian, the Vandals were neighbors, who, while a bit boisterous at parties, weren’t really as bad as many think. I don’t remember that spelling was particularly important to their culture, probably because they didn’t have a written language.

I would guess that this was someone on Spring Break, because they signed their work and they knew how to spell Hussein.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Front View

Friday Cat Blogging

Didn’t you show this already?

[Editor: This is Spot from the front as shown back in October because everycat is hiding from the thunder.]

Friday Ark

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