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2009 April 15 — Why Now?
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Manitoba Still In Trouble

The CBC reports that this year’s Manitoba flood to be 2nd worst in 100 years:

The flood forecast for Manitoba keeps getting worse, with officials announcing on Wednesday that the peak flow of the Red River in Winnipeg will exceed the flood of 1950.

The province’s chief flood forecaster, Alf Warkentin, said Wednesday the anticipated crest level for Winnipeg is more than a half-metre higher than what officials were predicting on Tuesday.

“It’s a very serious concern for the city,” he said at a flood briefing.

The crest, expected to pass through the Winnipeg within the next couple of days, is forecast to be 6.78 metres. Only the flood of 1997, with a crest of 7.35 metres, was worse in the past 100 years.

If not for the floodway diverting water around the city, the 2009 crest would actually be 9.1 metres, officials said.

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What Is That Sound?

The NWF Daily News says that the F-35 to debut along Emerald Coast next week

The F-35 visit will also mark the first opportunity to hear, firsthand, how loud the “sound of freedom” will be. The JSF Program Office and Lockheed Martin, producers of the F-35, released a summary of F-35A acoustics testing from data collected October 2008 at Edwards AFB.

According to the summary, the worst case scenario for the F-35 at a distance of 50 feet is 145 decibels at military power, the same as the F-16 and one decibel less than the F-22A. Using its afterburners, the F-35 is the same as the F-18E/F at 148 decibels. F-15s, F-22s and F-16s are higher.

The summary also predicted community acoustics, from 1000 feet, would be worse than an F-18 and equal to an F-22A at military power. The Sound Exposure Level (SEL) would be 121 dbA. At minimum power, the SEL would be 94 dbA, 6 to7 dbA less than the F-18 and F-22.

The shortest distance between any of the three runways and Valparaiso is about 2000 feet. The longest runway, and the runway used by the current fighter wing is much further away and involves no overflights of Valparaiso.

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Tea Parties?

Excuse me, but wouldn’t these people normally consider tea parties something for “the feminized elite liberals”? Isn’t this supposed to be the beer and a burger crowd?

It would appear that even with all of the help of a certain cable news network the total is coming in at around 100K. That is a football/soccer match in most of the world.

The original Boston Tea Party was to protest a business tax break for the East India Company. Why are these people protesting a middle-class tax break?

I hope they are disposing of the tea bags properly. Damp tea bags are as bad as hairballs if you step on them.

I certainly hope they used Lipton’s floor sweepings, as I would hate to think of real tea being wasted like this.

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Why Is Today Special?

They’re Having A Birthday!

Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: April 15, 2007 they showed up.]

Keith Kisser at Invisible Library is having his sixth blogiversary.

Oh, yes, there’s this .

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