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2009 April 27 — Why Now?
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Just A Thought

If we had Medicare for all, Americans would be more likely to go to a doctor for flu systems symptoms, rather than just hoping they don’t get sick. The Mexican swine flu outbreak wouldn’t be as big a concern if all Americans had access to health care.

[Editors: Right spelling, wrong word. That’s why spell checkers don’t always help.]

April 27, 2009   12 Comments

Sad, Senseless, But Familar

The NWF Daily News as published some background on the shooter, and it is too familiar a story: just laid off from his job, too many guns, upset about Obama’s election, fear the government was coming to take his rights, history of violence.

He was already on probation for a prior domestic abuse charge, but wasn’t attending the anger management classes, so he would have gone directly to jail for a violation of that sentence, before any new charges were tried.

Read it and wonder at the death of three people triggered by a missing tube of Clearasil®.

April 27, 2009   4 Comments