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2009 April 20 — Why Now?
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Beyond Anger

Torture was sold to the American people based on the “ticking bomb” scenario: “Wouldn’t you go all Jack Bauer on a guy if he knew where the bomb was?”

Based on this New York Times article, Waterboarding used 266 times on 2 suspects, we now know that everyone died when the bomb blew up, because as every real professional interrogator who was ever asked about torture has said: IT DOES NOT WORK!

In the time the sadistic bastards working for the US government took to destroy the psyches of these two individuals, a competent professional interrogator would have gotten the truth from them.

The only two groups who really think torture works, are people who enjoy it, and people so frightened that they would spill their guts on the threat of torture, i.e. the same people who fall for the “good cop/bad cop” routine.

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April 20, 2009   9 Comments

It Is Worse Than Thought

The CBC issues an update on the level of flooding: Manitoba flood has submerged twice as much land as previously thought

Officials had been saying the Red River had spread across an area of 800 square kilometres in southern Manitoba. On Monday, they said 1,680 square kilometres [650 miles²] are actually under water.

During the so-called flood of the century in 1997, the river’s span was 2,000 square kilometres [770 miles²] — an area equivalent to the size of Prince Edward Island.

The crest of the flood is between Morris and St. Adolphe, about 60 kilometres [37.3 miles] south of Winnipeg.

The flood is the equivalent of a strip 10 miles wide and 65 miles long. For me, it would be as if a little more than half of my county was under water.

April 20, 2009   2 Comments