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2009 April 18 — Why Now?
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“Fast Buck Bob” RICHburg

In addition to his recent indictment for official misconduct [malfeasance] and perjury, NWF Daily News noted that the “esteemed” president of Northwest Florida State College, Bob Richburg is a “double-dipper”

Richburg retired as president of the college in 2007 and received a lump sum of $553,000 for his 30-plus years of service to the state.

He turned around 30 days later and got rehired at a new base salary of $221,450 – a 3 percent raise over the approximately $215,000 he’d been making before retiring.

And a year after being rehired, Richburg started collecting $8,546 a month in additional retirement pay.

Once again the bill that was supposed to make this practice illegal has disappeared in the state senate, so even if “Fast Buck Bob” is convicted and sent to prison, he will still continue to receive his $100K/year state pension at a time of fiscal meltdown for the state.

After this, no one will dare to back any funding for anything at NWF State College. It will become the pariah of the system. It was once a nice little community college that served the needs of the area, and now it will be shoved to the back of queue for everything, because one guy wanted to build an empire, instead of educating students.

April 18, 2009   1 Comment

Fixing Florida’s Election Law

In response to problems with Florida’s election law [Democrats won a state-wide office, and the Presidential contest in the state] the Republicans have proposed a complete new law.

The Miami Herald reports on the new bill: Changes at voting polls rile up critics

The 81-page bill was debated for just six minutes before it passed on a 10-5 party-line vote at a one-hour meeting at 8 a.m. of the House Economic Development Council. No other committee is slated to review the bill, so there’s no chance for additional public testimony in the two weeks left in the session.

Similarly, the Senate version (SB 956) was heard for the first time Thursday, passing the Ethics and Elections Committee 5-3 over Democratic objections.

On Friday, Republican Rep. Jennifer Carroll of Green Cove Springs suggested restricting debate to six minutes. When the committee chairman, Rep. Dave Murzin, R-Pensacola, allowed two people to make brief statements, Rep. Rob Schenck, R-Brooksville, insisted that no more testimony be allowed.

That’s right, a complete re-write of the election law with 6 minutes of public comment, and straight party-line votes, but the tea parties were about what the Federal government is doing.  The state of Florida has strong open government laws … well, except for the legislature which exempted itself from the intrusions.

April 18, 2009   3 Comments