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2009 April 12 — Why Now?
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Not Part Of The Program

In their business section the Australian Broadcasting site has a long article, Financial crisis not just about greed, says ethicist

Simon Longstaff, the executive director of St James Ethics Centre, has written extensively on corporate greed.

He believes the genesis of the global financial crisis did not simply come down to greed and excess, but to a failure of ethics.

“I think the bigger story in this is although some people would attempt at the beginning of their analysis of these events to say that what was to blame was the failure of regulation, in fact the better interpretation, I think, is to say there was a failure of ethics, full stop,” he said.

While I understand Mr. Longstaff’s point of view, he is an ethicist after all, I think he misses the most salient point about the large Wall Street financial corporations – they don’t have any ethics to fail.

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Because You Asked For It

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A Classic [based on searches]

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Setting The Record Straight

Easter Bunny

There have been numerous complaints received regarding the services provided under the current regime and we would like to take the time to respond to these and to help those of you in the outlying areas understand the true situation.

It has been noted that several individuals purporting to be the “Easter Bunny” do not seem to be authentic. Of course they’re not authentic. We don’t do personal appearances or take requests. As the anthropomorphic personification of a blended holiday we are entirely too involved in attempting to fulfill the unreasoned expectations of various groups. Besides which, we noticed that many of the requests came from people with French surnames, and I don’t think it is necessary to remind people what happens to rabbits in France: in Britain bunnies are found in children books; in France in cookbooks. [See also North Korea.]

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