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The Fiesta Of Five Flags — Why Now?
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The Fiesta Of Five Flags

Pensacola’s Fiesta of Five Flags has also started. This year marks the 450th anniversary of the first attempt by the Spanish to settle in the area that has become the US. That attempt was interrupted by a hurricane, which is why St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied city [founded by Europeans] in the US.

They still use the wrong flags, but they have gotten better. I did notice that they use the wrong British flag at their Fiesta site, but the correct one on the city’s flag poles. At least Earl Bowden got them to use the proper flag for the Confederate year.


1 Steve Bates { 04.29.09 at 12:35 pm }

You do that, Colonel Blimp, just as soon as you locate the proper postal address for Queen Victoria. And be careful you don’t confuse Pensacola with your asshole, something else you can’t find, even with assistance.

2 Bryan { 04.29.09 at 10:12 pm }

Pensacola is the on Gulf at the westernmost tip of the Florida Panhandle.

Here is all you wanted know about troll and trolling on the ‘Net, but I don’t expect you to read it, because I have noted that you never provide links, and may not even recognize them.

You are possibly the most incurious person, after the Shrubbery, I think I have ever seen, or you are having to operate with the most restricted form of parental controls on your computer. Information is readily available on the Internet via any number of search sites, but you are unwilling or unable to use them. All of the vitriol you spew comes from pamphlets, and much of it is quite dated, so it is unlikely to be coming from the Internet, but probably from printed sources.

No one is going to take your word for anything, as they don’t know you, and know nothing about your education or life experiences. A lot of the people who comment here share certain experiences and we can vouch for each other based on certain references that no one outside of closed club would know, and are not contained in books.

You expect to be taken seriously, but offer nothing serious, merely worn out, tired slogans. If you actually expect to be regarded with any respect, you are going to have to learn how to show respect for others. You need to grow up.

3 Steve Bates { 04.29.09 at 11:53 pm }

Bryan, DD is, by his own statement on Fallenmonk’s site, 71 years old. In other words, he is no wayward child, and is past all recovery. He actually can use links on the Internet, perhaps a half dozen of them, all to unapologetically right-wing sites. He has an obsession with quoting alleged Nobel laureates and nominees, whatever support does or does not exist for their assertions, as long as those assertions match DD’s political ideology. As far as I can tell, DD lives to annoy, and has no other significant mission. I am certain he will succeed in that mission for as long as he is able to operate his computer and maintain his Internet connection.

In short, I’ve never encountered a more useless or more cowardly person in all my years on the ‘net. A few minutes on any of the old Usenet newsgroups would have left him begging for mercy… and not receiving it.

4 Steve Bates { 04.30.09 at 10:01 am }

DD, what makes you think we give a good damn what you think of us, or that we care what you do on your own blog? Do everyone a favor: go away.

Bryan, DD has the impression that he has a Dog-given right to annoy people. Indeed he does have that right… but no right to do so on my blog, on my coin. Like you, Bryan, I pay actual money to host my blog. I see no reason why I should pay to host crack-brained opinions nearly opposite to my own, comments whose sole purpose is to aggravate my reader base. DD harbors no intention to discuss, only to irritate, distract and waste time. I learned this the hard way, through an actual attempt at dialogue long ago. DD isn’t interested. Spewing his ideological bullshit is his sole purpose.

And now I’ve totally wasted another 10 minutes of my short life…

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