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2010 February 04 — Why Now?
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Political Disconnections

Distributorcap NY has gone on hiatus, and I can’t say I blame him. Everyone went all out to give the Democratic Party the power it needed to repair the eight years of the Hedgemony, and they have squandered the gifts. What was the point?

The “Netroots” is an even bigger disappointment as the so-called leaders have spent more time making excuses that leading, and the excuses aren’t even convincing.

Then we are faced with total absurdities like Markos Moulitsas, the Kos in dKos, trying to talk my governor, Charlie Crist, to run as a Democrat, undercutting the real Democratic candidate, Kendrick Meek.

If the current word on the street that former governor, John Ellis “JEB” Bush is going to emerge from his undisclosed location and endorse Marco Rubio as the Republican candidate for Senator, then Charlie is definitely in deep yogurt, but I don’t want him as my Senator, no matter what label he wears. “Centrists”, “Blue Dogs”, whatever you call them, are the problem not the solution for the current mess. They are the reason that nothing happened in the Senate with a 60-vote Democratic caucus. In any case, the Democratic base isn’t going to come out for Charlie Crist, and he can’t win as a Democrat.

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The Mushers

This is the starting grid for the 2010 Yukon Quest:

1 Abbie West, Two Rivers, AK, US
2 Zack Steer, Sheep Mountain, AK, US
3 David Dalton, Healy, AK, US
4 Sam Deltour, Sint-Kruis, Belgium
5 Gerry Willomitzer, Shallow Bay, YT, Canada
6 Katie Davis, Olney, MT, US
7 Terry Williams, Fairbanks, AK, US
8 Jocelyne LeBlanc, Whitehorse, YT, Canada
9 Cindy Barrand, Kasilof, AK, US
10 Normand Casavant, Whitehorse, YT, Canada
11 Lance Mackey, Fairbanks, AK, US
12 Brent Sass, Fairbanks, AK, US
13 Hans Gatt, Whitehorse, YT, Canada
14 Bart DeMarie, Christopher Lake, SK, Canada
15 Kelley Griffin, Wasilla, AK, US
16 Jennifer Raffaeli, Fox, AK, US
17 Ken Anderson, Fox, AK, US
18 Mike Ellis, Two Rivers, AK, US
19 Pierre-Antoine Heritier, Crans-Montana, VS, Switzerland
20 Sonny Linder, Two Rivers, AK, US
21 Joshua Cadzow, Fort Yukon, AK, US
22 Dries Jacobs, Jabbeke, Belgium
23 Hugh Neff, Tok, AK, US
24 Peter Fleck, Salisbury, UK

[

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