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2010 February 25 — Why Now?
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The Jelly Doughnut Gang

Apparently the Mossad has had a reorganization under the Likudniks and has stopped doing operations similar to John le Carré novels in favor of scripts for Peter Sellers movies. Along the way they have screwed up the lives of about three dozen people by stealing their identities and forging the passports of the few nations in the world who might be considered their friends. This is not a good time to be an Israeli ambassador in an English speaking nation.

On a lighter note, I did enjoy this exchange in the Australian Parliament during Question Time on the matter:

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he wants to know why the Government has not ensured that Australia’s passport system is more secure.

But Mr [Foreign Minister Stephen] Smith says Mr Abbott should not seek to score political points over the matter because the passports in question were issued in 2003.

“Last time I looked, in 2003 you were a minister in a previous government,” Mr Smith told Mr Abbott.

“You were … a member of the executive which oversaw the issuing of that passport.

“You should think very carefully before you speak on these matters.”

If the Democratic leaders in Congress would do this sort of thing more often, and not have to wait for junior Congresscritters like Alan Grayson, we might get something done, but the leadership may look upon this as a feature and not a bug in our system. 😈

February 25, 2010   10 Comments