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2010 February 08 — Why Now?
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I am not glued to the live tracking of the teams in the Yukon Quest, but there really isn’t much going on that is worthwhile.

John Murtha died, and on balance that is a loss because the old Marine was one of the few who didn’t forget the troops when he entered Congress. He finally got the Iraq War right, and fought it when he did, but he worked hard to get a lot of military industrial pork for his district.

What is also relevant is the fact that he had the best health insurance and care in the world, but apparently a small problem during a routine surgical procedure, cost him his life. Rest in peace, Marine.

If you are looking for “stuff” and actually have some money, you might consider the Too Liberal For Obama, [AKA: 2L4O] T-shirt.

Future batches will definitely be printed on Union-made, American shirts.

OTOH, PEN, the People’s E-mail Network, is giving away bumper stickers that are a reaction to the Supreme Court’s Synod decision about corporations and elections. If you were wondering, they don’t like it much.

They would like a donation, but don’t insist on it to get the bumper stickers.

Apparently the President is trying to arrange a televised meeting with leaders of Congress from both parties about health insurance. I fail to understand why he thinks that Republicans are going to compromise on anything. It isn’t going to happen. There are no ponies under the pile of manure.

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Yukon Quest – Day 3

Yukon Quest map even years

Sled DogUpdate at 11PM CST. Zack Steer is back in front, but was edged out by Lance Mackey coming into Circle. Zack’s team is averaging almost 10mph and he still has all 14 dogs pulling. This will boil down to scheduling rest stops.

Beyond Slaven’s Roadhouse
1 Zack Steer (2)

At Slaven’s Roadhouse
2 Hugh Neff (23)
3 Lance Mackey (11)
4 Hans Gatt (13)
5 Gerry Willomitzer (5)
6 Sonny Linder (20)
7 Brent Sass (12)
8 Abbie West (1)R

Beyond Circle
9 Ken Anderson (17)
10 Joshua Cadzow (21)R
11 David Dalton (3)
12 Kelley Griffin (15)
13 Mike Ellis (18)
14 Normand Casavant (10)

[

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