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2010 February 20 — Why Now?
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Entitlement is a slippery sort of word. It means different things to different people depending on a lot of twisted reasoning.

If you buy a ticket to an event, you feel like you are entitled to attend the event. If you receive more votes than your opponent in an election you feel you are entitled to the office. Sounds reasonable and straight-forward, doesn’t it?

For some reason an awful lot of people don’t think that you should receive the benefits you were promised after paying for those benefits for four decades or more. They don’t think you are entitled to them, although many of those same people think they are entitled to be paid by the Treasury and receive health insurance as the result of a election.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the purpose of government, which is surprising given that the people who wrote the Constitution seemed to be pretty clear:

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Red Lantern

Red Lantern

The Red Lantern goes to Jocelyne LeBlanc who, like first place Hans Gatt, is from Whitehorse. Jocelyne finished the race in 13 days 8 hours and 28 minutes. She has been racing since Dawson with only 7 dogs, but they were all going home.

Overall a very fast race, taking a day less than last year, with 22 of 24 teams finishing. Last year only 18 of 29 teams finished. Unfortunately the race was marred by the first death of dog, Bags on the Terry Williams team, since 2007.

The second biggest problem for the teams was plastic runners. Gerry Willomitzer scratched because of a problem on his sled, and both Cindy Barrand and Jennifer Raffaeli were penalized 30 minutes for getting help to fix their runners.

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