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Oh, No, Not A Haircut!!! — Why Now?
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Oh, No, Not A Haircut!!!

McClatchy reports that Rubio’s charges to GOP credit card included $134 haircut.

When will they learn? Everyone knows that an expensive haircut is the kiss of death for a politician. Forget about all of the seemingly bogus charges on the credit card, the haircut proves that Marco is a latté swilling elitist. For that kind of money you are talking “salon” and “stylist”, not a barbershop. 😈

Actually I think the repairs to his minivan are a bigger deal, but that’s just me. I don’t think the tea party crowd are going to be thrilled with the credit card charges. There are a lot of Republican donors already PO over the way the ROPF was spending their donations.

Speaker of the Florida House is becoming the title you have before you end up with a number on a prison uniform.


1 cookie jill { 02.27.10 at 10:51 am }

Don’t go slandering us true “latté swilling elitists”, now….. at least I have my latté with soy.
.-= last blog ..our hearts go out to chile =-.

2 Bryan { 02.27.10 at 11:22 am }

Need I remind you that I live on “the Redneck Riviera”?

3 Kryten42 { 02.27.10 at 6:58 pm }

An’ I thought my last haircut was expensive at $16! ’cause, I normally pay $13, but my normal local Barber was closed and I had to go into the city center, which always carries a premium ’cause overheads are higher. 😐 I’m such a piker! For $134 (USD)… my barber would have to throw in at least a lap-dance from a tall DDG (drop-dead gorgeous) blond with decent *assets* and a couple of imported cold beers! 😆 😈

4 Bryan { 02.27.10 at 8:31 pm }

Whenever possible we would get haircuts in Okinawa. They were really inexpensive compared to the States, and the barbers were certainly friendlier…