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What Maroons…

The ABC reports that Israel labels aid group terrorists

Israel says the Humanitarian Relief Fund (IHH) is a radical Islamic and anti-American group that has been linked to Al Qaeda.

IHH contributed aid worth about $10 million to the convoy, including banned building materials like cement, tiles and steel. It also provided three of the boats, including the one that was ultimately raided, the Mavi Marmara.

Sorry, but the ties to al Qaeda aren’t as strong as those of the Reagan administration, and the US backed Bosnia in that war. But that’s real history so it will probably be ignored, like the fact that Hamas “seized power” by winning a democratic election supported by the Hedgemony and Israel.

I don’t imagine Israel would care to explain why building materials are a threat, along with all of the stuff that Badux notes are banned.

Juan Cole notes that Israel is using old stock photos to prove people on the ship were “armed”. Apparently the Israeli government doesn’t know about the metadata attached to digital photos, which date the pictures as having been taken in 2006.

I did leave Dr. Cole a comment that what he was identifying as an axe, is a roofing hatchet, which is very useful in primitive conditions, and is the same size as a framing hammer.

I will let Mark Fiore sum things up on this situation. It may be time to start dumping Prozac in the Israeli water system.

June 3, 2010   20 Comments