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Weekend Update

The Local Puppy Trainer has today’s report on the ever-growing cancer in the Gulf. It has spread further East over to Panama City, and is poised to poison the oyster beds near Apalachicola before continuing toward the western coast of the Florida Peninsula.

There had been discussion that the spill would be picked up by the Loop Current and bypass the west coast. While oil will certainly enter the current, there is also a large mass moving along the coast. BP has provided more than sufficient oil for both things to occur.

Via Pensacola Beach Blog I have added the ERMA Spill Map to the “Gulf Gusher” area of the sidebar. It is an overlayed mapping system that uses official data to show you what the effects of the spill are, and where they are occurring. Lots of information that takes some effort to figure out, but worth the effort.

June 20, 2010   4 Comments

Ain’t It The Truth

funny pictures of cats with captions

Oh, if you are a father, or reasonable facsimile thereof, Happy Father’s Day.

Remember – they meant well.

June 20, 2010   4 Comments

Day Ten

World CupIn Group F:

Slovakia 0-2 Paraguay
Italy 1-1 New Zealand

In Group G:

Brazil 3-1 Côte d’Ivoire

The New Zealand “All Whites” game with the Italian Azzuri [Blues – both named for their uniform colors] was not the way things were supposed to go. A commentator noted that the Azzuri had 23 shots on goal compared to only 3 by the All Whites, and he acted like that was a good thing. Based on the score the Kiwis were almost 8 times more effective than the Italians.

At this point the only European teams looking good are the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Slovenia. It is looking like a very good year for South America.

June 20, 2010   2 Comments