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Friday Cat Blogging — Why Now?
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Friday Cat Blogging

Curses, Foiled Again

Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: This was an “ambush” shot. I saw Excise jump into the chair to annoy his brother, and just snapped the picture without any real prep, but he beat me again.

Friday Ark


1 Steve Bates { 10.02.10 at 11:25 am }

Lovely picture nonetheless. I can almost feel that soft fur through the display.

2 Bryan { 10.02.10 at 7:11 pm }

That fur is a thin cover over 15 pounds of meat that will land on your stomach at night with no warning. Alas, Excise has even less grace and coordination than Sox. Other than his siblings, he is friendly to the world.

3 oldwhitelady { 10.10.10 at 1:26 pm }

Wow! Excise is beautiful! It’s good they have chairs to fight over. That way they can have something to do besides nap:)

4 Bryan { 10.10.10 at 2:55 pm }

Yes, OWL, they fight over where they will nap, which is strenuous and requires longer naps.