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2010 October 27 — Why Now?
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Political Mix

So the President is out and about still trying to convince people he is actually to the left of Genghis Khan on the political spectrum by appearing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and talking to “progressive bloggers” at the White House.

Duncan was so impressed that he posted a link to the “official transcript” and is generally in no comment mode.

They knew better than to invite Susie Madrak this time. Barbara Morrill [BarbinMD] of DKos was the representative voice for the majority of Americans, and the majority of voters, i.e. women. Oliver Willis got the minority slot, Joe Sudbay of AMERICAblog was there for the LGBT community, John Amato of Crooks & Liars and Duncan Black [Atrios] finished up the group. They had to punch their “diversity ticket”.

I wonder if the White House will ever understand that they don’t have a marketing problem, they have a lousy “product”?

After reading about the latest atrocities committed by the Teapartiers, and the candidates they support, it occurred to me that they need a new name. Teabaggers has worn out its welcome, so how about something that reflects the reality that they were suckered by the Koch brothers… just a thought. The MSM probably wouldn’t use it. 😈

October 27, 2010   6 Comments