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2010 October 02 — Why Now?
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Other Offices

There are slim pickings on the Florida ballot when it comes to state-wide offices.

Nether major party has put forth a candidate qualified for the job of Chief Financial Officer.

The Republican, Jeffery “Jeff” Atwater will talk about his MBA and banking experience, but his last actual experience as a banker was for Barnett Bank, which was taken over in 1997. His next job was in marketing for a bank, not in actual banking. Further, he can talk all he wants about looking out for taxpayers, but as President of the Florida Senate, he got the “fees” on your license plates and driver’s license doubled and increased a number of other fees. If the Well from Hell hadn’t exploded, he was ready to move forwarded on a coastal drilling bill.

Loranne Ausley, the Democrat, seems to be a nice enough person, but I see no relevant experience for her since 1997 when she left the Federal government.

I would be much happier if there were an accountant in the race from either party, but they don’t tend to enter politics. This should really be a professional position outside of politics, but that will never happen.

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Thanks to the hard work of Robert C. Pickering at Interstate 4 Jamming here’s a listing of all of the major state-wide offices:


  • Kendrick Meek Democrat (Incumbent Congressman / Miami) – Web SiteFacebook Page
  • Marco Rubio Republican (Attorney / West Miami) – Web SiteFacebook Page
  • Bernie DeCastro Constitution Party (Non-Profit Organization Founder / Ocala) – Web SiteFacebook Page
  • Alexander Andrew Snitker Libertarian (Office Supplies Salesman / Spring Hill) – Web SiteFacebook Page
  • Lewis Jerome Armstrong Independent (General Contractor / Jacksonville) – Web Site
  • Sue Askeland Independent (Housewife / Stuart) – No campaign information currently available.
  • Bobbie Bean Independent (Printing Businessman, Cattleman / Sebring) – Web Site
  • Charlie Crist Independent (Florida Governor / St. Petersburg) – Web SiteFacebook Page
  • Bruce Ray Riggs Independent (Crystal River) – Web Site
  • Rick Tyler Independent (Pastor / Pensacola) – Web Site
  • Piotr Blass Write-In (Mathematician / Boynton Beach) – Facebook Page
  • George Drake Write-In (Retired Teacher / Orlando) – Web Site
  • Howard Knepper Write-In (Real Estate Broker / Miami Beach) – Web Site
  • Carol Ann Joyce LaRosa Write-In (Englewood) – No campaign information currently available.
  • Richard Lock Write-In (Retired / Dunedin) – Web Site
  • Robert Monroe Write-In (Oviedo) – No campaign information currently available.
  • Belinda Gail Quarterman-Noah Write-In (Attorney, Producer / Tampa) – Web Site

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