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2010 October 16 — Why Now?
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Late Night

So I finally got around to reading Krugman’s column on The Mortgage Morass [a polite way of saying foreclosure fraud] and the Obama response [corporations have the “expertise”, so the government will let them handle it].

I noticed on the sidebar another column, The Tools You Really Need to Maintain Your Home, by Bob Tedeschi, which was OK, but Bob forgot the three most important things you need when dealing with the real threat to your home, the banksters.

Warren Zevon spells it out: Lawyers, Guns, and Money. That’s what Wall Street is using, so you need the same tools.

October 16, 2010   9 Comments

The Oil Is Still Here

From the Local Puppy Trainer: USF researchers: Ultraviolet tests show ‘contaminated’ beach

WALTON COUNTY — A researcher for the University of South Florida Coastal Research Lab recently examined Walton County beaches under UV light and says they are “still contaminated” after the BP oil spill.

Rip Kirby, a graduate student, held a high-powered ultraviolet light over one stretch of beach, and it illuminated patches of what he says are “accumulation of petroleum product and dispersant.” He apologized for not taking samples sooner.

“This beach is just as contaminated as the rest, I’m sorry,” Kirby said, adding, “I took the local government officials’ word that these beaches were not impacted and stopped my testing in Destin.”

There are a lot of things that are not obvious or visible that can still kill you. The article goes on to note that there is also dispersant contamination in some areas.

Walton County is immediately to the East of me and received minimal visible oil on its beaches, but the sand is still contaminated, and there is oil on the bottom of Gulf.

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What Do They Think The Job Entails, Part Duh?

The Nevada Senate debate had an item of interest: Sharron Angle to Harry Reid: It’s Not Your Job to Create Jobs

In tonight’s Nevada Senate debate, Republican candidate Sharron Angle hammered Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid over a legislator’s role in generating economic growth. “Once again, Harry Reid: It’s not your job to create jobs,” she said, after moderator Mitch Fox asked both candidates if job creation was part of a Senator’s job description.

“I believe my job is to create the policies that will encourage private sector to do what they do best,” she said.

“That’d be a no,” Fox prompted, pushing for a firm yes or no answer to his question.

Every political ad at every level you have candidates shouting to the world that they should be elected because they have a cunning plan to create jobs, and now you have Sharron Angle saying that politicians shouldn’t be trying to create jobs.

It gives one pause. Does Ms Angle think that businesses will spend some of their $2 trillion in cash on jobs if she offers them chickens, her solution for health care?

Update: My Bad 😳 It was Ms Angle’s opponent in the Republican primary, Ms Lowden, who was the chicken lady. Correction thanks to Badtux, who tracks the West Coast whackoes.

October 16, 2010   3 Comments