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2010 October 19 — Why Now?
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That Will Teach Them

The Canadians elected a Conservative government and what happens?

Campbell of Canada starts selling Islamic food.

Today the CBC reports that Calgary chooses Nenshi as new mayor

Civic activist and business professor Naheed Nenshi became Calgary’s next mayor in a thrilling come-from-behind victory that kept voters in suspense late into Monday night.

Nenshi, 38, defeated longtime news anchor Barb Higgins and longtime alderman Ric McIver, who earned the nickname “Dr. No” from his critics for opposing many initiatives.

Nenshi is the first Muslim elected to lead a major Canadian city, an attribute he said was not a major issue in the campaign.

“I haven’t shied away from anything in this campaign,” Nenshi said Tuesday. “And issues of race and religion have not come up very much — except, frankly, by the media.

Of course the beachhead was established when the CBC started airing Little Mosque on the Prairie [BTW, Fox is talking about producing a version of the show for the US market].

Sure, they say they are conservatives, but they don’t actually tell you what kind of conservatives, do they? You are aware that the second largest shareholder in News Corp, the Fox parent company, is a Saudi Prince?

[If anyone is in doubt – no, I’m not being serious, but everything in it is true. The wingnuts OTOH will take this seriously. As the mayor-elect says, the media are the only people who really care.]

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We Should Be So Lucky

The St. Petersburg Times says that Of all Democrats, U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd should be safe, but he’s not

Each morning as he heads out on the campaign trail, an increasingly bleak and hostile landscape, U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd must ask himself, “Why me?”

Democrats are under siege everywhere, but during 14 years in office, Boyd has carved a profile as a conservative “Blue Dog,” comfortable in an increasingly Republican North Florida. He has never faced a close election.

Last week, he got the endorsement of the NRA and before that, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. If anyone should feel at ease in this turbulent midterm election cycle, it is Boyd.

There is one group that doesn’t think highly of him – Democrats. That is his problem, his negatives with Democratic voters. He barely squeaked out a win in the first primary challenge he has faced in years, and the people who voted against him in the primary won’t vote for him in the general.

Boyd voted for drilling on the coast. Does he think people don’t remember that? There is a good reason the US Chamber of Multinational Corporations Commerce endorsed him, and the real Democrats don’t like it.

I hope the funeral director from Panama City kicks Boyd’s butt thoroughly, and not just by a squeaker. I hope all of the Blue Dogs get their butts kicked. If the Dems won’t clean house, the voters will. It’s still true – given the choice between a Republican running as a Republican and a Republican running as a Democrat, they’ll pick the Republican every time.

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Once Again …

You can not claim to be a conservative if you are totally, abysmally ignorant of history. You are being a radical when you attempt to alter the world to fit your personal view, you are not conserving anything.

CBS reported [with a link to the original story by an Alaskan blogger, Steve Aufrecht] Joe Miller: Communist East Germany a Model for Border Security.

Mustang Bobby made the point that for East Germany the border was more about keeping people in, not keeping them out.

The real reason the border was “effective” was the existence of the Warsaw Pact forces led by the Soviet Third Shock Army in the East, and NATO forces in blocking position in the West to prevent a break-out over the North German Plain and/or the Fulda Gap.

Now if Mexico would put two mechanized armies on their side of the border and the US put the same number in the North, and the parallel fences with associated mine fields were in place, you would get the border control of East Germany. As I don’t think either Mexico or the US is ready to put 200,000 combat troops with supporting tanks, guns, and aircraft in static positions along the border, much less both, Joe Miller puts his ignorance of history on display.

It was called the Cold War, and the border was called the Iron Curtain. It was in all the papers and on TV, Mr. Miller, even in Alaska. I know, because I was in Alaska and in Germany during that time.

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