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2010 October 05 — Why Now?
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Real Life Intrudes

I’m hit and miss right now because rather than working on the computer most of the day I’m dealing with the water heater from hell.

It started simply enough with replacing the sacrificial anode rod because when certain types of them corrode they become centers for bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide gas as a by-product so your shower smells like a rotten egg.

So far I have possibly successfully replaced the main shut off valve for the apartment, but the replacement water heater isn’t hooked up yet. Oh, yes, there is no longer a lake inside running from the bathroom through the living room to the kitchen, so the resident cat doesn’t hate me quite as much as she did. [There’s a lot of water in one of those things.]

October 5, 2010   7 Comments

The Problem With Blogs

The thing about blogs is that they have archives, so if someone says that “I never said that” you can find the entry where they did say that.

Avedon Carol makes the point that Obama was presented as a liberal, by the media and many supporters.

These days the remaining members of the cult claim that it wasn’t that way at all, that people projected their views on Obama, that he didn’t make that claim.

As one of the people who recognized he was a Republican masquerading as a Democrat at the beginning of 2008, I remember what happened when you brought it up at various and sundry blogs. I admit that only a few [who are no longer on my blog roll] implied, or flat-out called me a racist. but at a minimum you were called a Clinton supporter, which was also untrue.

I’m a former Democrat because of that garbage, but Avedon Carol’s larger point is that he was elected by people who overwhelmingly thought he was a liberal. People wanted a liberal, and thought they voted for one. The Democrats are in trouble because they decided to act like Republicans instead of Democrats.

October 5, 2010   9 Comments