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2010 October 15 — Why Now?
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What Do They Think The Job Entails?

The Pensacola News Journal reports on the latest attempt by a Republican to avoid responsibility: ‘Taj Mahal’ courthouse flap finds new target

TALLAHASSEE — State Sen. Mike Haridopolos on Thursday demanded the resignation of the head of the state’s property management agency because of “runaway spending” on the politically charged 1st District Court of Appeal courthouse.

Haridopolos, a Merritt Island Republican who will become president of the Senate in November, said Linda South, secretary of the state’s Department of Management Services, should resign for failing to properly oversee the $49 million project.

“It’s just an abomination. This was just the final straw,” Haridopolos said. “Secretary South has failed to do her job, and it’s time for her to go. I’m really surprised the governor, given her behavior, hasn’t already asked her for her resignation.”

n 2007, the Legislature passed a last-minute amendment to an appropriations bill that included authority for the sale of $33.5 million in bonds to pay for the bulk of construction on the courthouse. Haridopolos voted for the bill.

“We in the Legislature appropriate an amount of money. The oversight is in the executive branch,” Haridopolos said. “When people came in and they said this is what the cost will be, we weighed the pros and cons, and we voted for it.”

The problem is not that the project is over budget, it’s that the budget was too large. The legislature approved the spending, so they approved the project, including the exotic wood paneling and granite counter tops. The executive is administering the project according the wishes of the legislature. Everyone who voted for it is responsible for it. There is no one else to blame, they own the problem.

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More Fraud

In Digby’s post. Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Heads About This Foreclosure Mess, you have a CNBC “pundit” declaring that Congress will just pass a bill to fix this.

This individual hasn’t been listening to all of the “states rights” drum beating going on, because property law is state law. The Federal government isn’t involved. No one is going to allow a bill to sneak through, like that law that Obama used the pocket veto on, at this point. No one is going to agree to a voice vote. After the big drop in campaign contributions to the Democrats, why would they help out the banksters again? With the Tea Partiers clamoring for heads, why would the Republicans risk it?

Michael Collins at the Agonist has excerpts from a Felix Salmon piece in The enormous mortgage-bond scandal. but the interesting bit was actually in comments.

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Where’s Paula

Paula has become a remnant low pressure area off the northern coast of Cuba. Increasing wind shear and interaction with land disrupted the storm’s organization.

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Friday Un-Cat Blogging

An Uninvited Guest

Friday Cat Blogging

Huh … hello?

[Editor: I was wondering if Property was just playing mind games staring at the back door, but I looked out and found this un-cat chowing down on the cat food. It is either a juvenile or small female.

Friday Ark

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