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2010 October 04 — Why Now?
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And The Ignorant Shall Lead Them..

Jill Schlesinger, editor-at-large for CBS MoneyWatch, is not a lawyer, she is a certified financial planner, which is why she shouldn’t have written this article, Foreclosures Halted In 23 States: Plantiffs’ [sic] Lawyers Rejoice.

Ms Schlesinger is blissfully unaware that in foreclosure cases the banks are the plaintiffs and homeowners are the defendants [The ad she included makes that clear.]. She is unaware that the “robo-signers” are signing court documents under penalty of perjury, and are committing crimes, not just ignoring bureaucratic niceties. She is unaware that the title insurance companies are dropping the banks concerned like hot rocks, because they have corrupted the deeds on the properties involved.

Ms Schlesinger is not concerned if a few people have their credit ruined and are thrown out of homes that they own. She is unconcerned about people who bought property and are making their payments, but the property is being foreclosed on because the bank they bought it from, didn’t actually hold the mortgage when they foreclosed and resold the property. She is unconcerned that many banks require that you be behind on your mortgage payments before they will discuss refinancing, and then foreclose before any discussion takes place. She is unconcerned that people were defrauded by banks, but can’t get banks to respond.

Ms Schlesinger saves all of her concern for the poor, overworked bank employees who are slaving away in their cubicles destroying the integrity of the real estate system.

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