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Another Reason Not To Vote For Democrats — Why Now?
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Another Reason Not To Vote For Democrats

McClatchy reports that the Feds lift moratorium on deepwater offshore oil drilling

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration Tuesday lifted a moratorium it imposed on deepwater offshore oil drilling in July during the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, saying that new rules should make it safer.

While all work isn’t expected to resume immediately, the timing of the announcement — six weeks ahead of schedule and three weeks before congressional and state elections — could give Democrats a boost at the polls.

The moratorium has been blamed for thousands of lost jobs in an already damaged economy and posed a potential drag on some Democrats’ election prospects.

First off, when they checked at the Louisiana unemployment office they discovered that the number of workers affected by the moratorium was in the dozens, not the thousands, and was background noise compared to what happened to people in the tourism and seafood industries because of the Well from Hell.

Second, the oil industry still isn’t prepared to deal with a major spill, and won’t be for months or years, because they haven’t bothered to look at the problem, much less solutions.

The only “Democrats” affected by the moratorium are Blue Dogs, and they don’t vote with their leaders often enough to be worth the effort of keeping them.

The White House keeps generating reasons for the Democratic base to stay home in November.