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How Republicans Handle Money

The whole RPOF credit card mess should have been a clue, but if you still think Republicans care about tax dollars, maybe this Lucy Morgan article in the St. Petersburg Times will wake you up: E-mail names ‘heroes’ who got legislative funding for ‘Taj Mahal’ courthouse

Sometimes being a “hero” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Take Marco Rubio. Since the story first broke about the palatial new courthouse being built in Tallahassee, the former House speaker has said it was a Senate priority, and he couldn’t even remember the money being appropriated to build it.

But now the St. Petersburg Times has obtained an e-mail circulated among the judges on the courthouse building committee that identifies the “heroes” in delivering the money to build it.

Among them, the e-mail identifies a select few who were “especially helpful,” including Rubio.

Rubio was the Speaker of Florida House at the time, and he was the only person who could have slipped the funding into the transportation bill at the last minute. If he didn’t support it, it died. It was tens of millions of dollars that “he couldn’t even remember”.

How do you forget paying for mahogany paneling and granite bathrooms? This is another example of “Republican fiscal conservatism” – pack kids into classrooms so appeals court judges can have mahogany paneling in their offices.