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Truth In Advertising

Apparently the “elites” believe that all problems can be solved with a better marketing campaign.

I saw a bit on one of the news sites that said that Obama thought the problem was the administration hadn’t been successful in “selling” their accomplishments.

Sorry, but not even the marketing powerhouse that is Coca Cola was able to convince people to buy “New Coke”, and there has never been an ad good enough to sell a Yugo. It is a lot easier to sell good products that meet needs than whatever happens to be in the warehouse.

I received a flier from from AMAPEF out of AMPAC, which are fronts for the 30% of doctors who belong to the AMA. They want people to call Congress to fix the Medicare cuts that will go into effect if Congress doesn’t act. Congress has tried to do this multiple times, but one party didn’t want anything to get fixed. Maybe if doctors stopped contributing to candidates who hate science and the government, they wouldn’t have this problem.

I figure that the Department of Homeland Security must have a ton of crayons, stickers, etc in primary colors that they used to terrorize inform people of the terror alert level. We should put them to work with ratings for political ads.

It would be like movie ratings, only it would only indicate the level of truth in ad. I don’t want to censor ads, just a little blurb indicating the BS to truth ratio in the ad. Just a couple of seconds of a basic color and a number between o and 4 to let people know the facts about what they’ve just seen.

According to my Mother, it will be mostly 1s and 0s as fact checking is not a feature of political marketing.


1 Ame { 10.26.10 at 11:00 pm }

I got that flier also. The 2011 budget request has a 9% increase for Medicare.

Here’s a handy tool from Wall Stats

In a nutshell, here’s how the graphic works. Click on anywhere on the poster, then scroll the mouse to zoom in and out. Click on the poster and click and drag to move around the poster. The graphic that includes the numbers for Medicare is in the bottom right corner of the poster.

2 Bryan { 10.26.10 at 11:24 pm }

There is an automatic reimbursement cut for doctors and hospitals that was worked out before the financial meltdown. It was supposed to kick in at the beginning of the year, but has been postponed several times. It is up again at the end of November, and that’s what they are panicking about. They even robo-called me today on my landline.

At this point, they should be worried about what the whackoes will do if they take over. The AMA has steadfastly supported the GOP, and “you reap what you sow”.

3 Ame { 10.27.10 at 6:22 pm }

You know, I thought that reimbursement cut had already been dealt with and eliminated.
I hear ya on the whackos, although they do seem to have an unlimited tolerance for Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

4 Bryan { 10.27.10 at 7:09 pm }

They didn’t fix it, Ame, they just kicked it down the road to November 30. It’s just like the Alternate minimum tax, they never fix it, because it is a useful way of getting garbage passed by attaching it to the bill to raise the AMT income level.

They never fix anything that they think might be a useful bargaining tool later, they just postpone it.