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Negotiating With Terrorists

The ABC reports NZ loses out in Hobbit ‘shake down’

New Zealand prime minister John Key has been accused of bowing to Hollywood moguls as parliament rushes through legislation ensuring The Hobbit movies will be filmed in the country.

After two days of talks with Warner Bros, the government agreed to change labour laws and give the movie studio an extra $25 million in financial incentives.

The legislation changes are being pushed through parliament under urgency during the next couple of days.

The government says the measure is necessary to restore confidence in the film industry.

New Zealand will never see the money it thinks that filming in the country will generate, because no government at any level has ever benefited from giving tax breaks to corporations, all benefits flow to corporate profits.

They are changing the labor laws so the film makers can screw their workers.

Conservatives are the same the world over in their naïve belief that corporations are trustworthy. Corporations function solely for the benefit of the corporation. Key got rolled by Warner Bros. who are now “confident” that they can operate with impunity in New Zealand.