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2012 May 02 — Why Now?
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What Is In A Name?

Apparently the Washington Times has its knickers in a knot because Zero’s campaign is using ‘Forward’ as its new slogan [this is after people figured out that there was no Hope for a Change]. The Times is upset because V.I. Lenin once named a newspaper ‘Forward’, so if you use the word ‘Forward’ you must be a Marxist-Leninist fellow-traveler.

So, I guess the Republicans prefer ‘Retreat’ or ‘Run Away’ … 😈

Actually, the long-time official Party newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was called ‘Truth’ [Pravda], so the official Party newspaper of the Repubs must be ‘Lies’ [or ‘Fox’, which is the same thing] … 👿

I guess any meaningful discussion of things that actually matter to the American people is totally out of the question.

May 2, 2012   2 Comments