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2012 May 16 — Why Now?
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Charlie Was Right

As he predicted, Charlie Pierce tells us about Deb Fischer’s win in the GOP Senate primary in Nebraska.

The rancher got last minute support from a whacko with money who ran ads against her opponent, and the ‘priceless’ [= ‘worthless’] endorsement from the former half-term governor of Alaska. Ms Fischer won by being to the right of the Tea-Partiers and assorted other lint off the fringe of those who call themselves Republicans. The winning strategy was to let the two front-runners beat the crap out of each other until only one was still viable, and then attack the survivor.

In the general election she faces former Nebraska governor and Senator, Bob Kerrey, who calls himself a Democrat because there are only two choices. Kerrey is a millionaire, so money is not an issue for him [being the bluest of dogs, the Democrats will provide him funding], neither is anything approaching a recognizable political philosophy.

May 16, 2012   4 Comments

Now They Tell Me

Apparently I was living uncomfortably close to weapons-grade U-235 during my decade in Rochester, New York. CNN reports that Kodak confirms it had weapons-grade uranium in underground lab.

Kodak had a scanner that used 3½ pounds of U-235 refined to over 90% purity in a bunker at Kodak park on State Street. Experts tell us it wasn’t enough to construct a bomb, and people weren’t really in any danger because Kodak had security [pardon me while I roll on the floor laughing, due to having personal knowledge of the quality of people hired for Kodak security.]

So, it is OK for an American corporation to keep weapons-grade uranium inside a city, but Iran must be bombed for having uranium refined to 20% … Does that seem a bit inconsistent to anyone else?

Given what I was doing in the military before I got out and went to Rochester, I would have really liked to have known about living next to that crap. What you don’t know can kill you.

May 16, 2012   4 Comments