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2012 May 11 — Why Now?
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There are a lot of good people running for office in Florida, and I get e-mail from many of them. I give them what support I can, which isn’t a lot, but I won’t endorse them on the blog.

There is a good reason for that and it deals with the nature of politics today.

They aren’t the problem, I’m the problem for them. I have written about three issues [Cuba, Israel, and Iran] that would create trouble for candidates in Florida, and I don’t want these people to waste limited resources dealing with corporate attack ads about my views as a supporter of these candidates.

This is going to be a disgustingly negative campaign season because of the Synod’s decision in the Citizens United case. We have already seen in the Republican primary that these super-PACs have decided that they will be the mud-slingers, while the candidate’s campaign will have ‘plausible deniability’ for the attacks.

The stupid uproar generated by DonaWho in the last Presidential season over the Edward’s campaign hiring Amanda & Melissa was a pale shadow of what will occur in this age of corporate propaganda unleashed by a male, Catholic majority on the Supreme Court.

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What A Sewer The Local Governments Are

OK, so just before the Tourist Development Council director resigned [later committing suicide] over buying a yacht and house with public money, the city council of Crestview, the county seat, fired its police chief because he was shielding one of his friends, a senior officer, from various complaints that resulted in the protected officer being indicted for racketeering.

The county replaced the TDC director with the airport manager, so I guess we will be buying an airplane next.

That appointment has to be looked at in a new light, as the guy the airport manager had just hired to be the chief of the airport police, just resigned before he was indicted for various illegal doings at his last job.

The Fort Walton Beach city council just fired their city manager because he couldn’t get along with the city’s employees.

The little town I live in hasn’t really had these kinds of problems … well, since the town manager was indicted for insurance fraud after Ivan, but that had nothing to do with the town, and it was a long time ago.

Republicans don’t like government because they are so bad at it.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Blaze 2006-2012

Friday Cat Blogging

[Editor: Blaze was at the top of his game, and while he had scars over both eyes, he was a skilled combatant in the dominance wars that led him to being the alpha tom. Those skills did him no good in the end as he was struck by car crossing a main street. As the alpha tom he had a large range, and there was no way of avoiding the busy streets. This is my favorite picture of Blaze getting ready to scratch as a juvenile.]

Friday Ark

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