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2012 May 23 — Why Now?
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I Warned You

I was just going to post on the fact that Facebook had already dropped to $31/share , but the story today is even more brutal. CNN gives us a round-up in Oh, Zuck: Facebook’s bumpy start just got a little worse. [That’s their headline.]

See, you have to be in the corporate media to say things like that, because bloggers wouldn’t use expressions like “cluster-Zuck” or say that small investors got “Zucked” because the M$M civility police would be all over them while passing out the ammonia capsules at the fainting coach.

NASDAQ, the technology exchange, couldn’t even keep their computers on-line for the IPO, and now you have law suits, investigations, and outrage.

Oh, well, just another SNAZU. [Hey, CNN started it, don’t blame me.]

May 23, 2012   6 Comments