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Via Duncan, an Independent article about a disagreement between UK businesses and the Conservative government.

Various and sundry Tory ministers are openly complaining about businesses ‘whinging’ [whining, kvetching, or bitching] about the lack of any stimulus in the recent ‘Queen’s Speech’.

The ministers talk like they believe that business is going to step up and jump-start the economy by hiring all kinds of people in face of the declining demand by consumers, while government austerity takes place in the domestic and export markets, causing even more unemployed people and further reduction in demand.

These are true-believers who have done everything they thought the ‘confidence fairy’ wanted them to do, so businesses should now rush in and restart the economy.

For their part, businesses are looking at an economy that has dropped back into recession and can now see the wisdom of John Maynard Keynes, 1st Baron Keynes, CB FBA. As far as business is concerned austerity is making things worse, so now is not the time to invest.

May 14, 2012   4 Comments

A Note To Tourists

First, thank you for visiting. We really appreciate the business you bring to out area, and hope you will make visiting our beaches part of all future vacation plans.

As there seems to be some confusion, especially for motorists from Minnesota, I would like to say that the speed limit signs in the state of Florida are in miles-per-hour, not kilometers-per-hour… really, I wouldn’t kid you. You may think that 35 miles-per-hours is a bit fast for four-lane roads with a separate center turn lane, but the traffic signals are set for that speed. This means that if you travel at the speed limit you will never have to stop for more than one light for long stretches.

Again, thanks for stopping by.

May 14, 2012   7 Comments