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2012 May 09 — Why Now?
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Elections Continue

Richard Lugar has lost his attempt to run for re-election to his seventh term in the Senate, so his seat is actually in play this year as the ‘purity purge’ continues among the Republicans. The Democrat who is running would be called a moderate Republican if there was any truth in labeling for politicians.

It doesn’t look like any of the parties who contested the Greek election are going to be able to form a government, so there will have to be another election in a month.

Juan Cole notes that a day after talking about calling an early election, Netanyahu has cut a deal to bring the Kadima party into the ruling coalition, so he can continue in power until the scheduled election in 2013.

Netanyahu has been attempting to pass some ‘feel good’ legislation before the election, but his ultra-whacko coalition partners are refusing to cooperate. He knows the election will be a disaster for Likud if he doesn’t at least make an effort to show he cares about Israelis who aren’t among the ultra-Orthodox.

North Carolina has decided to include Sharia law in its constitution. The voters don’t know that, but they have. This is just the latest implementation of Sharia law in Republican controlled states in vain attempts to make people feel ‘virtuous’. It is amazing how little the ‘Christian moralists’ seem to know about the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes. Leviticus and Revelation are they only two books they seem to read.

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