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Short Takes

Mad Kane favors us with another wonderful piece: The Full-a-Bluster Song.

Kevin Drum of Political Animal has another episode of why you can’t trust the telecoms: Telephone Kvetching.

Lurch at Main and Central has two pieces: Irony Lives On, in which the Hedgemony tries to find a new marketing slogan for Messopotamia, and Supporting the Troops, in which the White House details all of the terrible things the Congress is doing to hurt the troops, like giving them pay raises and not increasing medical insurance co-pays.

I notice that the MSM hasn’t figured out that it’s the minority position in the Senate that filibusters. I guess after all of the stories from Repubs about how terrible it was of the Democrats to filibuster, they assume that only Democrats do it. I also note that now that the Democrats have taken control of Congress it’s acceptable to weigh down the talking head shows with members of the minority party.

I’ve noted in the past that the Hedgemony thinks that everything will work if you get the marketing campaign right. They have success doing this in campaigns and don’t understand why it doesn’t work for everything else. It might just be that without electricity the Iraqis don’t know there is a marketing campaign.

You read that right – the Shrubbery has declared that raising pay for the military and not charging more for health care is bad for the troops and the Democrats should be ashamed and he is going to have to veto the Defense appropriation bill if those things aren’t changed.


1 Mad Kane { 07.19.07 at 1:57 pm }

Thanks so much for mentioning my latest song parody!

2 Bryan { 07.19.07 at 11:33 pm }

You are are known and loved throughout blogtopia, Ms. Mad.