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Inherently Contemptible

Michael at Musing’s musings is growing exasperated with all of those who are yelling for impeachment and lays out his reasons for not doing it in his post, Basta! . I don’t disagree with the reasoning, but it really wouldn’t take as long as he fears. The House will be acting like a grand jury, and there is more than enough evidence already extant to provide for a bill of indictment. The problem is that there are at least 34 Repub Senators who value Partei over the good of the country, and until that number can be altered there isn’t much point.

The situation cannot continue, with the government being ruled by a series of lettres de cachet, and the rule of law ground into the dust.

The Constitution provides a method of controlling some of the worst abuses and Congress needs to start preparing to use its power of inherent contempt.

First up they need to fence off a section next to the Capitol with chain link topped with razor wire. And then install a dozen FEMA approved travel trailers.

When that is finished both chambers can start issuing contempt citations and throwing miscreants into the “trailer park.” They only have to stay until the end of the 110th Congress, but they are outside the power of the courts or a pardon. I see no reason to provide them more that MREs and the DC Humane Society could probably provide dogs to run between the two fences. I would look for good solar lighting, perhaps it could be used as an alternative energy project, and the CDC could do testing on the effects of living in those trailers for an extended period.

As there will be a new President and probably a more favorable Senate, impeachment proceedings can begin against every one of them. They can’t be removed from office, but they can be denied ever holding office again in the Federal government and an impeachment can’t be pardoned.


1 hipparchia { 07.22.07 at 11:00 pm }

we already have good solar lighting. it’s called the hours between sunup and sundown.

2 Bryan { 07.22.07 at 11:56 pm }

I don’t know, the Sergeant at Arms might need electricity for perimeter lighting, the interior of the fence, or other uses that didn’t violate the guidelines of executive orders or the scripts of 24.

3 hipparchia { 07.23.07 at 1:08 am }

jack bauer doesn’t need lighting to guard a perimeter, but he would beat up macgyver until macgyver fashioned some working solar panels out of a chocolate bar and air, because that chocolate bar and that air might otherwise be used to give aid and comfort to the enemy.

4 Steve Bates { 07.23.07 at 12:25 pm }

According to commenter Gioele on the thread to this TPMMuckraker post (sorry, they don’t appear to have individual comment links, and please pardon the incessant troll), s/he contacted a House Judiciary staffer, who confirmed that inherent contempt (not statutory contempt) is exactly what they’re considering. Josh Bolten is also vulnerable, because as WH chief of staff, he has nominal custody of the documents.

It’s about damned time, if you ask me, or even if you don’t.

I like the trailer idea. With all that formaldehyde, the air is bound to have some nutritional value. I wonder what happens if you mix it with melamine…

5 Bryan { 07.23.07 at 1:01 pm }

Actually the hard plastic is what you get when mix pure melamine with formaldehyde. Living in one of those trailers while eating Chinese food should “smooth” your intestinal tract and make it “easy clean.”

Actually, the President can be “arrested” for inherent contempt, something that people should start talking about. Inherent contempt is a much more powerful right, court-tested, than this new concept of “executive privilege.”

Hah, Bauer would have to stop MacGyver from getting through a portal [my younger nephew is a Stargate fan].

6 Steve Bates { 07.23.07 at 1:03 pm }

The latest: it’s criminal contempt, not inherent contempt, at this point. A Judiciary Committee staffer says they are aware of the implications of Bush’s order. Obviously, strategy is still being worked out; the first Judiciary staffer said it was inherent contempt. Apologies for the error; being misinformed is one of the risks of going to “press” quickly.

7 Bryan { 07.23.07 at 3:27 pm }

Actually, this is a path to snagging AG the AG. If Justice refuses to enforce the criminal contempt, Gonzales is in line for inherent contempt, something that is not currently true.

They need to start erecting the fence as a visible symbol that they aren’t playing any more games.

8 hipparchia { 07.23.07 at 6:05 pm }

oho! bringing in ringers now, are we?

jack bauer wouldn’t even need an extradition treaty to get macgyver back, because not even dead egyptian gods want to spend eternity in an underworld with a pissed-off jack bauer. [i only saw the movie, haven’t kept up with the rest of it.]

melamine-lined guts should obviate the need for colonoscopies at least.

[don’t knock those MREs. the new ones are better than the old ones. i vote we feed them peanut butter and chili.]

9 Bryan { 07.23.07 at 7:35 pm }

I’m not knocking MREs, Badtux, the food critic penguin, does taste tests on them and reports that some are quite edible. I was thinking about reducing the cost of confinement and the number of employees required. Using MREs is a shield against complaints – hey if they are good enough for the troops…

Apparently the movie has become a series on some channel that costs extra and lives only on cable, so I haven’t seen it, but my nephew talks about it. My brother thinks it’s a step down from MacGyver.

10 hipparchia { 07.23.07 at 11:01 pm }

everything’s a step down from [that wasn’t] macgyver.

after ivan, the red cross[?] drove through here every afternoon in the equivalent of an ice cream truck, bringing us ice, bottled water, and mre’s. not quite the same as fudgesicles, but appreciated nonetheless.

11 Bryan { 07.23.07 at 11:38 pm }

We didn’t see anyone official over here. There was supposedly a distribution point 5 miles away, but they only handed out one “ration” per vehicle, a total waste of gas. Fortunately the Bank of America branch brought in ice and water and it was within walking distance. I was preserving my gas to run the car to charge things and to use the air conditioner to provide relief when people got overheated.

I don’t believe how deep you went for that one.

12 hipparchia { 07.24.07 at 12:55 am }

the tv made me do it.