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Like I Said

It was about the money. The Miami Herald reports that Charlie got his money, and the medevacs started almost immediately. Somehow all of the space and coordination problems vanished when the “extortion payment” was guaranteed.

From the beginning of the crisis military aircraft have been transporting people to a Central Florida airport for processing: Flights from Haiti continue to arrive in Sanford airport

So far, the airport has received 8,596 passengers on 110 flights, Crews said. Of those, 6,544 were American citizens and 2,052 were foreign nationals. Emergency workers have transported 67 passengers to area hospitals because of injuries or illnesses.

The officials at the airport, near Orlando have been talking about asking for National Guard or Federal help with the processing because of the number of flights.

Of course, most people don’t know that the charter flights organized by the NGOs and relief groups cannot, for the most part, carry passengers, so this is another task the military takes on. They fly relief supplies in and then convert the cargo bay for passenger use, including medical evacuations.