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Can They Pick Them?

So, this past Sunday Former Speaker Ray Sansom finally resigned from the Florida House just before the start of hearings on his alleged “ethics violation”. You would think that with that mess still on people’s minds, as well as the recent replacement of the head of the party for various reasons, the Republicans would find a new Speaker who was as pure and new fallen snow.

Well, this is the Republican Party of Florida, so you would be totally wrong.

Meet the new Speaker:

The home of Rep. Chris Dorworth of Lake Mary is in foreclosure. He is struggling to pay a $2.7 million legal judgment from a bad land deal. And his driver’s license was temporarily suspended this month after what he called a misunderstanding with his car insurer.

Now that he is the new Speaker, of course, many of these problems will recede into the background as certain interest groups look for “favors”. Nothing untoward, of course, just some minor adjustments and recalculations. Mr. Dorworth is in real estate, so he is just having some “temporary cash flow problems” due to the “business downturn”, but that won’t have any effect on his performance in one of the three most powerful offices in the state. 😈