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What Is In A Name?

Apparently the Washington Times has its knickers in a knot because Zero’s campaign is using ‘Forward’ as its new slogan [this is after people figured out that there was no Hope for a Change]. The Times is upset because V.I. Lenin once named a newspaper ‘Forward’, so if you use the word ‘Forward’ you must be a Marxist-Leninist fellow-traveler.

So, I guess the Republicans prefer ‘Retreat’ or ‘Run Away’ … 😈

Actually, the long-time official Party newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was called ‘Truth’ [Pravda], so the official Party newspaper of the Repubs must be ‘Lies’ [or ‘Fox’, which is the same thing] … 👿

I guess any meaningful discussion of things that actually matter to the American people is totally out of the question.


1 jams o donnell { 05.03.12 at 8:00 am }


by coincidence that was the name of our Russian textbook series at school.

Our school was strange in that it offered Russian as the second language.In the second year of Secondary school the top 8 in the year (100 students per year at my school) were selected to study ancient Greek, the next 25 were allocated to Russian and the rest did metalwork.

I took Russian until O level standard (10th Grade?). I wish I had taken it at A level.

2 Bryan { 05.03.12 at 9:35 pm }

I had three 37 week courses in the military that involved 30 hours/week in the classroom, and then additional time in the lab listening to tape recorded spoken Russian. After the first six weeks in the second course, no English was spoken, and the entire third course was in Russian.

They broke down as military Russian in the first course, political Russian in the second, and colloquial Russian in the third. It wasn’t until the third course that we were assigned decent Russian literature to read. [A little ‘socialist realism’ and Party propaganda goes a long way towards fostering dislike of the Soviet system if you can think.]

My Cyrillic handwriting is significantly more legible than anything I was ever able to accomplish in English, so I write notes to myself in Russian if I have to be sure of remembering something.