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2006 April 01 — Why Now?
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Pratchett Gaining Strength

I noticed that both Lean Left and Pharyngula had Terry Pratchett quotes up today.

I have a Pratchett quote up and my gravatar is a Pratchett reference.

His luck has changed since he was hired as a public affairs spokesman for British nuclear power generation right after the Three Mile Island incident.

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Immigration Control

Being a realist/cynic Quiddity at Uggabugga says that the corporate interests are not going to allow the government to take the one action that would have the greatest effect on immigration: enforce existing laws against businesses that hire undocumented workers.

As long as business has this steady supply of people forced to accept work at subsistence wages no one in this country legally is going to want the jobs, because they can’t live on their paycheck.

The people from Mexico and Central America are poor, not stupid. If they can’t get jobs they are not going to pay coyotes to bring them to el Norte.

If we increase the fines and add some prison time to the penalties for hiring the undocumented, the flow will stop. If people can’t work here without proper documents, they will apply for the documents. If people can live in the US without fear, they will become part of the culture.

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It’s April Fools’ Day and we change clocks this weekend.

Unfortunately the Shrubbery will still be with us on April 2nd.

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