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This One Is For Pentagon Planners

With deepest respect for Wiley Miller and his creation, Non Sequitur, it is time to jump into the phone booth and become: OBVIOUSMAN!

A bunker is an underground chamber, usually heavily fortified, occasionally blasted out of solid rock. They are very difficult to locate, and tough to destroy – except, if there is no access to the outside, they are a grave.

Bunkers might contain nasty things, like chemical or biological weapons; things you don’t want in the environment.

Instead of attempting to “bust” bunkers, why don’t we seal the entrances and leave all of the nastiness inside?

Our standard penetration weapons should be more than adequate to seal the entrance and ventilation tunnels which we can certainly locate with more accuracy than the underground bunkers themselves.

If there were an enemy who had developed a short range Star Trek transporter system it might make some sense to plan on going after these bunkers, but since that hasn’t happened, you seal them off and let whatever is in the bunker rot.

The floor is open for anyone to challenge my conclusions.

April 10, 2006   5 Comments

Cheetah Hits 74

If you remember the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies of the 1930’s and 40’s you will be surprised to learn that Cheetah, Tarzan’s chimpanzee companion turned 74 over the weekend.

Cheetah is recognized as the world’s oldest chimpanzee.

April 10, 2006   12 Comments

Legal Immigrants?

Both Melquiades “Mel” Rafael Martinez, US Senate [R-FL] and Carlos M. Gutierrez, Secretary of the US Department of Commerce are immigrants. If they had been from Mexico, Central America, or South America, they would probably not be legal.

Their “legality” is based solely on the fact they emigrated from Cuba, and are covered by an amnesty, a special law that only applies to Cubans. If a Cuban sets foot on US soil, s/he is automatically allowed to stay in the US. You have to be a really good professional athlete to get this deal if you are from any other country.

The “problem” with the immigration system is that it isn’t fair. Some people get to cut into line, or get a separate line. If you make the system fair and efficient, people will use it. It shouldn’t require a lawyer to immigrate to the United States.

April 10, 2006   7 Comments

For All The Procrastinators

The IRS has all of the tax forms on-line in PDF format. You can fill them in and print them out in Adobe Reader.

This service is provided for those whose cat seems to have eaten a major portion of the Form 1040SE and deposited it atop the Schedule A in a soggy mess. The site gets very busy starting on April 14th.

It doesn’t do any calculations or error checking, but when the local post offices and libraries seem to have stopped carrying forms, or don’t carry the forms you need, it is quite handy.

They also have the instructions in PDF format.

Remember the Application For Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Tax Return is Form 4868, but you must pay any amount you may owe on or before April 15th or there will be penalties.

April 10, 2006   2 Comments

The Big Easy

Via Steve at The News Blog, if you know anyone displaced from New Orleans, let them know about http://www.DemVote.org/, a site that can help them vote in the coming election. All of the information they need at one place put together by Democrats Abroad, an ex-pat organization that helps Americans vote when they live overseas.

Via Scout at First Draft, a PBS NewsHour video link on why we need to rebuild the levees, unless you think we don’t need to a quarter of our refineries and domestic oil and gas production.

Of course, there’s also the little thing about New Orleans being the port for exporting everything produced along the Mississippi River basin, as well as the importing of coffee.

Update: The guys and gals of 3 Old Men have taken a break from building in Georgia to build in Jackson, Mississippi with Habitat for Humanity.

April 10, 2006   2 Comments

World Class

There needs to be a special award for animal blogging captions. This has to be in the lead for the all time best caption.

Although this is a contender in the long form, and it’s PO’ed Patricia’s birthday.

April 10, 2006   Comments Off on World Class


There several entries I wrote yesterday that I will never post because I was too angry and it really came through. Writing them was better than yelling at the cats or my neighbors and the effort reduced the pressure.

Let me just say that if the Congress doesn’t start doing its job regarding oversight and stop this Iran madness the immigration protests will be overwhelmed by the protests against another attempt to lie us into a war.

If you want to worry about nuclear weapons in Southwest Asia, worry about Pakistan. Iran doesn’t have any and won’t even have the ability to construct them for years.

If you want to promote democracy in the region do something about Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Kuwait.

If you want to promote stability in the region, have Israel comply with UN Security Council resolutions and disable its nuclear arsenal. It is a bit disingenuous to demand Hamas renounce violence while Israel is launching aerial assaults on Palestinians and building more settlements on occupied land.

April 10, 2006   2 Comments