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2006 April 14 — Why Now?
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The Sun Rises In The East

The FEMA Inspector General concludes that FEMA managed to accomplish every screw up that people complained about.

FEMA made every incompetent move imaginable and a few that no one even thought possible. FEMA under the Shrubbery has entered a new dimension by managing to perform the triple play of public agencies: malfeasance, nonfeasance, and misfeasance.

It was a “heck of a job”.

Hurricane season in a month and a half.

April 14, 2006   7 Comments

Flash: Molly Free

Apparently a cat trapped in a wall is the new missing white woman, every news outlet has a story on 11-month-old Molly being trapped in a wall in a New York deli.

Well, Molly is free and MSNBC has the tape if you care.

I really like cats, but this much coverage is overkill, and frankly so many people hanging around is probably one of the reasons the cat didn’t want to come out.

Steve Gilliard reminded me that they brought in a “rescue kitten”, a poor confused little kitten that was supposed to stir Molly’s maternal instincts.  I can imagine the kitten mewing “Don’t come out, lady!  These people are seriously deranged.”

April 14, 2006   4 Comments

If They Felt That Way…

Again and again people ask “Why did these generals wait to complain if things were so bad?”

They have been complaining, but the complaints aren’t public. In the military complaints go up the chain of command, not to the media. So when complaints are made the public doesn’t know about them.

There are other ways of complaining if you know what to look for. When General Eric Ken Shinseki was pushed out for telling the truth to Congress about the troop levels needed for the Iraq mission, none of the active duty officers who were eligible to become Army Chief of Staff would take the job, and Rumsfeld was required to call up General Peter Schoomaker from retirement. There are a number of positions in the Pentagon that are filled by temporary replacements because they can’t get qualified people to accept the jobs.

Major General John Rigg complained and it cost him a star after being accused of mismanagement so minor it didn’t even make it into his personnel file.

If you would like to know what the government and military does to officers who complain while on duty, look at the case of the “father of the US Air Force”, Brigadier General William L. Mitchell. Gary Cooper starred in the movie about the general: The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell.

Mitchell was a real lunatic: in the 1920s he stated his belief that the Japanese would carry out an aerial attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Obviously you couldn’t let maniacs like that remain in the military.

For the record, Rumsfeld said there were thousands and thousands of generals and admirals – there are under 900 active duty flag officers in the military, Reserve, and National Guard included. There might be two or three times as many retired flag officers, although generals and admirals tend to retire in their 60s, and military life is not generally conducive to old age.

April 14, 2006   2 Comments

Great Headline

How could you pass up a story like: Wildlife parks join devil breeding program.

April 14, 2006   4 Comments

What Public Health?

It is a well-known disease with a vaccine and effective treatment, but we can’t control it: Air travelers eyed in mumps outbreak.

If it were bird flu or SARS we would be in major trouble.

April 14, 2006   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

You Looking At Me?

Friday Cat Blogging

You looking for trouble, buddy?

[Editor: The Junk Yard Kittens came out. They have been moved to a new location by their Mom, so I may not see them again.]

Friday Ark

April 14, 2006   8 Comments