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2006 April 08 — Why Now?
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A Refresher Course

A majority of the House of Representatives is Republican. A majority of the Senate is Republican. The current resident of the White House is a Republican. Republicans control all of the levers of power. If there are problems with the government, the problems belong to Republicans.

When the Shrubbery tries to complain about problems with his pet projects, or doesn’t like the budget bill, he needs to talk to the people in charge, who are all Republican.

Deficit spending is the result of Republican decisions. The massive expansion of government is the result of Republican decisions.

At this point all of the problems belong to Republicans, because the Democrats have been shut out of any role in the process. The Republicans changed the rules in the House and the Senate to ensure the Democrats are powerless and outside the loop. The Republicans even changed the rules for lobbyists, so Democrats can’t even share in the bribes.

All of the failure, mismanagement, cronyism, incompetence, and generally pitiful performances are covered with large elephant-shaped labels, because they belong to the Republicans.

April 8, 2006   4 Comments