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Florida & The Religious Reich

There is an old saying:”No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” That’s why I have a storm flag with a black outline of Florida instead of a square flying in my sidebar when the legislature is in session.

This piece of travesty started at Maru’s place, which directed me to the Pensacola News Journal, and finally to the Pensacola Beach Blogger.

PBB covers the whole sordid affair of special legislation at the state level to screw Orange County out of property taxes from a religious theme park and then segues into our local whackos and their attempts to avoid taxes and regulations.

I’m willing to go along with not taxing places of worship, but theme parks, publishing empires, media facilities, rental property…this has got to stop. If it’s a profit making enterprise in competition with the private sector, it needs to pay taxes because it’s a business, not a religion.

April 7, 2006   4 Comments

Rook’s Right

Rook makes the very valid point about calls for Democrats to create a plan for Iran. With the intelligence as corrupt as we now know it to be, how can we be sure there is “a problem” with Iran?

April 7, 2006   2 Comments

The Feds Will Go After Your Gold Fillings

Grillz are fancy ornamental overlays for teeth, the name coming from the grill on cars. They are often created from gold and precious stones.

CBS reports: Feds Want to Seize Suspects’ Grillz. The Feds were actually taking these people to a dentist to seize their fancy dental work with a forfeiture order before their attorneys intervened.

I’m sorry, but this is sick and it is being done in our name.

April 7, 2006   2 Comments

For Your Viewing Pleasure

If you have any interest in nature photography you really should be stopping by Facing South on Fridays for bird blogging. R. Neal, formerly known as SKB, has a great eye, and consistently presents wonderful pictures.

April 7, 2006   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging


Friday Cat Blogging

I’m sure I will fit, Dot.

[Editor: Dot is unhappy with Ringo’s attempt to share the chair, especially with Ringo’s absurdly long tail wrapping around her head.]

Friday Ark

April 7, 2006   16 Comments