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2006 April 21 — Why Now?
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They Want To Kill Us All

How could they? When you read: U.S. to Allow China Processed Poultry In, it should be apparent they just don’t give a damn about the American people.

We don’t need to import food, and we have plenty of processing plants in this country. The only people who would be interested in doing this are corporations that want to eliminate more American jobs, or want you to believe that they have “low prices” with a smilie to prove it.

It is actions like this that are going to keep American goods embargoed. If we don’t think more of our people than to permit this, why would another country believe we take food safety seriously?

April 21, 2006   4 Comments

Nickel and Diming The Peasants

CNN reports that: FEMA wants some Katrina aid back. Are they going after the absurdly expensive cruise ships, or the rip-off artists who were given the no-bid contracts? Surely you jest.

“The Federal Emergency Management Agency is seeking a total of $4.7 million from 2,044 people, giving them 30 days to repay or set up a payment plan.”

That’s right, they are going after an average of $2,300 from people who got hit with a hurricane. They aren’t claiming fraud, they say that FEMA messed up and over-paid these people.

Just in case you have forgotten: in 2004, Florida had 4 hurricanes strike it. That was a lot of training time for any emergency response system. Keep that in mind when you hear all of these lame excuses about the Katrina response. After 2004 any competent system would have been on the top of its game, but without an election they just didn’t care.

April 21, 2006   2 Comments

Our FunDementals Are Crazier Than Yours

To be sure that there was no lessening of stupidity in the US-Iranian relations, President Ahmadinejad expressed his opinion that Oil Price Is Lower Than Value. We all know how talking about $100/barrel oil will make everyone act in a reasonable manner.

Like all FunDementals, Mr. Ahmadinejad felt that the approach of a possible war is the best time to launch an Islamic dress drive:

Some 200 extra police are to patrol the streets of Tehran confronting women who reveal ankles, sport thin headscarves or wear short or tight jackets.

Those found to be in breach of Iran’s Islamic dress code could face instant penalty fines.

The move is part of a blitz against anti-social behaviour, also targeting drugs and people who play loud music.

People walking pets or men sporting outlandish hairstyles could also face fines, of up to $55 (£31), said Tehran’s police chief, Mortaza Talai.

Iran’s clerical establishment says it wants to protect the values of the country’s Islamic revolution against a corrupting Western influence.

I’m surprised they didn’t offer the excuse that the traditional dress offers more protection from radioactive fallout.

April 21, 2006   4 Comments

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II hits 80 today.

The BBC has an in depth look at her reign and life.

The British government has their own site to celebrate the event.

April 21, 2006   7 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

The Zen of Sox

Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: He flops down on wires and whatever Ringo has knocked off the desk and sleeps. I really doubt the necessity of the “Kitty Kouch” that was supposed to be ideal, but none of them go near.

Friday Ark

April 21, 2006   3 Comments