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Conscientiously Objecting To Taxes

Well, with my “Bush Tax Cut” and a quarter, I paid the postage on my tax return.

According to the Christian Science Monitor a growing number of people are reacting in a different way: When the Tax Man cometh, they don’t answer the bell.

The Golden Rules of income taxes: always file and never distort your income. Everything else is open to interpretation.

April 15, 2006   7 Comments

The Easter Bunny Responds

Easter Bunny

There have been numerous complaints received regarding the services provided under the current regime and we would like to take the time to respond to these complaints and to help those of you in the outlying areas understand the true situation.

It has been noted that several individuals purporting to be the “Easter Bunny” do not seem to be authentic. Of course they’re not authentic. We don’t do personal appearances or take requests. As the anthropomorphic personification of a blended holiday we are entirely too involved in attempting to fulfill the unreasoned expectations of various groups. Besides which, we noticed that many of the requests came from people with French surnames, and I don’t think it is necessary to remind people what happens to rabbits in France: in Britain bunnies are found in children books; in France in cookbooks. [Read more →]

April 15, 2006   4 Comments