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2006 April 29 — Why Now?
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If you are in for some absurdity be sure to see Colonel Sander’s typing pool over at Pandangon. Apparently they didn’t like their medals.

I borrowed some Javascript from Michael to avoid opening a book and “reinventing the wheel” to produce a countdown calendar for the Shrubbery and to track how long Osama has been wandering about since the “Wanted: Dead or Alive” poster was announced.

One of my diversions on the roll The Daily Kitten was down for over a week as the result of what amounted to a denial of service [DOS] attack every day when the ailurophiles hit the site at the posting of the day’s kitten. The problem has been resolved with a new server, but that kind of spike can make a system administrator’s life a nightmare.

Maru is on vacation and out of contact with the ‘Net for a week.

Rook has hit a burn out and is on hiatus. I hope the time out helps him recharge and return to the battle in time for the elections. We need every voice available to balance the misinformation campaign.

I’ve added two diversions to the roll:

Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break is a comic strip that updates on Tuesday and Thursday. It is an acquired taste.

Mythstory is written by Chris Regan, who has been working on a cable television show, The Daily Show, but I won’t hold that against him.

April 29, 2006   5 Comments

Al Qaeda Sweeps Week

First it was the big cheese, Osama bin Landen, then it was Abu Musab al-Zarqawi , the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, and now Ayman al-Zawahiri, the real and only number 2 in al Qaeda, has made it to the studio. They seem to have time to make their media dates.

Maybe al Qaeda is on Spring Break?

April 29, 2006   2 Comments