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How Obvious Was It?

When I did my Obviousman riff, I knew other people must have come to the same conclusion.

Through the wonder of the Internet, in comments Steve Bates pointed me to the Fallenmonk, who credits Susie Madrak with locating this Union of Concerned Scientists animation on nuclear bunker-busters.

They agree with me, or rather I agree with their conclusion that was posted in November, 2005 and they show you what I was talking about.

I think it’s time to send a DVD of The Andromeda Strain to the Pentagon. Michael Crichton is in favor with the Shrubbery, so maybe they can figure out from the movie what they have been unable to glean from reality.

April 12, 2006   2 Comments

Trailer Trash

Poor Scotty got his shorts in a knot about all of the nasty media saying that the Shrubbery knowingly lied about the WMD trailers.

Professor Cole takes a facetious swipe at the trailer business by wondering how you could do work in those trailers.

When I first heard about the trailers I automatically knew the story was bogus, but it took a very long time for me to figure why I knew the trailers weren’t being used as labs.

We used trailers for a lot of different things in the military, and trailers, called “portable classrooms”, are common at local schools. I knew there was something wrong with the trailers, but it took a long time for me to figure out that it wasn’t what was there, but what was missing.

Labs are a controlled environment. Labs designed to produce chemical or biological weapons would have an even more controlled environment to prevent contamination. What was missing was air conditioning. With 120° air temperatures and dust storms, you would need some serious air conditioning and air filtration systems. You would need airlock entry and positive interior air pressure to do lab work in the trailers.

April 12, 2006   5 Comments

Over Reaction

Professor Cole puts the Iran uranium enrichment claim in perspective. Short form – they are years from having the capability of building a bomb and the Supreme Jurisprudent Ali Khamenei says that nuclear weapons aren’t halal [that’s kosher for Muslims].

For those that don’t know what’s going on: You have to enrich uranium to use it in a nuclear reactor, just like you have to refine crude oil to use it in a car. The Iranians want to have their own processing facilities. They are in the oil business and know all about screwing people by withholding products at inconvenient times. They don’t want to be on the receiving end of a boycott. After what Russia did to the Ukraine and Georgia with natural gas this winter, they don’t want to be dependent on the Russians. They have to forget a thousand years of conflict to deal with the Russians in the first place. [Read more →]

April 12, 2006   Comments Off on Over Reaction

Some Advice

The First Lady of the State of Florida was born in Mexico and she doesn’t appreciate the Mexican bashing. She gets unhappy when people burn the Mexican flag and make racial slurs about Mexicans. She expresses her unhappiness to her husband John Ellis “Jeb” Bush who then must make negative statements about conservative Republicans or learn to live in the garage.

Peter Wallsten, a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times needs to do a little more research before appearing on Florida Public Radio to talk about immigration. Peter, Puerto Ricans aren’t immigrants. Puerto Rico is a US territory and its people are American citizens.

The Whiskey Bar is open and Billmon is pounding out wit and wisdom at a prodigious rate.

April 12, 2006   2 Comments

Who Is Persecuted?

Michael calls them: Persecution ninnies, the Christians who demand special treatment based on their version of “Christianity”.

If these whiners really supported religious freedom they would be helping Wiccans have their symbol become one of the approved emblems for grave markers at veterans’ cemeteries.

The Wiccans have a problem with religious persecution, the “ninnies” want societal permission to be rude and crude.

April 12, 2006   8 Comments

No Nukes!

Rumsfeld: Iran attack talk in ‘fantasy land’. While I can certainly respect Don Rumsfeld’s knowledge of ‘fantasy land’, as he seems to have spent a great deal of the last five years at that location developing a strategy that was supposed to make the United States more secure, I certainly cannot take his word for anything. The man lies. It should be front page news if any prediction he makes turns out to be true.

It is time for Congress to “Just say NO!”

No more preemptive strikes and absolutely, positively, unequivocally NO NUKES!

April 12, 2006   4 Comments