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Pat, The Man Would Like To Buy A Clue

You have put up with being called names because you are in the band and not the football team, and then you score big because your band has been chosen to march in the New Year’s Day parade in London, not the state capital, but London in England. Then the school superintendent decides the band can’t go because it’s “too dangerous”.

On CBS: H.S. Cancels UK Trip, Brits Fight Back. Even after appeals from the governor and other state officials, school superintendent James Browder said he’s not changing his mind and the band should stay within the United States. declaring London unsafe for Fort Myers High School’s band.

British authorities have responded by warning British tourists of Fort Myers’ crime and homicide rates, the record number of traffic deaths and that the “entire area is prone to catastrophic hurricanes.”

British tourists are a major source of revenue for Florida, and the presence of the band could have probably been underwritten in part by the state’s tourism board, if the members took some oranges and brochures with them to pass around.

If Mr. Browder is one of the elected superintendents, I wouldn’t bet on his being re-elected. Band parents can be a little fanatical.