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Bay County, Florida

If people know about Panama City on the Florida Panhandle, it is probably because MTV has been going there for its Spring Break shows for several years. That bacchanal is the result of business greed overcoming the real culture of the place.

Some may have been stationed at Tyndall AFB, current home of the F-22, but to most people, Panama City and Bay County are names they hear when there’s a Gulf hurricane headed north.

If John Ellis Bush has his way with the US Senate race in Florida, as noted by Mustang Bobby, then more people will hear about Bay County.

JEB wants Allan G. Bense, Speaker of the Florida House, to enter the Republican primary against Cruella de Harris. Allan is from Panama City, and as far as most of the state is concerned, it could as well be in the country of Panama as the county of Bay.

I just wrote about Martin Lee Anderson, but every American who is arrested for a felony receives a reference to Bay County justice. When they read you your rights and get to the part about getting an attorney if you can’t afford one, you are benefiting from the Supreme Court decision in Gideon v. Wainwright, which began as a Bay County burglary.


1 aikane { 04.30.06 at 4:51 pm }

Funny, isn’t it. Seems the Repubs made Katherine their heroine, and now they’re all afraid to run against her in their own Repub primaries. I suspect that when her poll numbers fall to 5%, somebody will steel his nerve and go against “god’s chosen.” JEB! could do it, but that would sidetrack his prezzy ambitions.

2 Bryan { 04.30.06 at 5:26 pm }

She got used and discarded. She is too ambitious and doesn’t take direction well. Having her out base means the Bushes’ don’t own her.

JEB doesn’t want to run unless he can be sure of a victory, and this isn’t a year to be sure of anything.

Why would anyone want to climb into pit with Katherine. She is every bit as vicious as Rove, and she knows that the party is backstabbing her.

OT:you must have changed something because you have commented before, Aikane, and you got held this time, which isn’t supposed to happen.