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They Lie Until They’re Caught — Why Now?
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They Lie Until They’re Caught

Then they are more concerned than Mother Teresa.

MSNBC reports FEMA suspends use, sales of ‘toxic’ trailers

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has done an about-face and will immediately stop using, buying and selling disaster-relief trailers because they could be contaminated with formaldehyde.

The order, which went into effect July 31, is an interim measure while the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Health Affairs test the air quality in the estimated 120,000 travel trailers FEMA provided to victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, which devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005.

“Nothing is as important to FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security as ensuring that disaster victims have a safe and healthy place to reside during their recovery,” the agency said in a statement.

MSNBC.com disclosed in July 2006 that many of the trailers harbored potentially harmful levels of formaldehyde, but testimony last month before a House subcommittee revealed that FEMA was aware of the problem several months earlier, after many of its own employees came forward with concerns.

As recently as late last month, FEMA said it would continue using the trailers, but congressional leaders were outraged after documents revealed that FEMA lawyers had advised the agency to downplay the concerns to “prevent ownership of the problem” and limit exposing the agency to liability issues.

They have known about the problem, but they continued to lie and stall and ignore it. The dealers who sell these things will tell you about it. They let you know that they are designed for short period living. The problem can be solved by sealing when they are under construction, but you would have to gut one and rebuild it to fix it after the fact.


1 whig { 08.08.07 at 1:06 pm }

It’s like they don’t care at all.

2 Bryan { 08.08.07 at 4:54 pm }

All they want to d is avoid responsibility. They don’t care how many people get sick or die.

3 whig { 08.08.07 at 6:30 pm }

Unless it’s one of their friends, I guess. Did Trent Lott’s porch get rebuilt?

4 Bryan { 08.08.07 at 7:53 pm }

Trent Lott hired his brother-in-law, Dicky Scruggs to beat the crap out of his insurance company after they refused to pay anything. Dicky is the all time nastiest and winningest trial lawyer in the state of Mississippi and I believe he have won awards for a whole lot of people since Katrina.

That porch hasn’t been re-built yet, pending appeal.

Trent Lott found out that insurance companies don’t care about Senators unless they need to bribe one.